What’s different about the Optima experience? Just about everything. We’re trusted to find work that leaves clients energized and fulfilled, feeling their competence and eagerly contributing their talents. That takes more than just a little expertise.


Our consultants offer guidance, advice and planning that’s unmatched and often unavailable with other career consultants, and far exceeds that provided by coaches. From the exclusive Optima Career Discovery and Job Search Methods to targeted Strategy Sessions, from workshops to action plans and the Optima Thoughts newsletter, you’re getting exclusive access to the best thinking on careers and work/life issues today.


Everything about Optima is results-oriented. You leave sessions knowing what happened and what to do next, with specific solutions and plans of action. Complex ideas are made simple, but they are never oversimplified. Optima consultants present information and feedback with logic and clarity so you always understand what you’re reading, hearing or learning, and why.


At Optima, we don’t find answers in a book or base them on feelings. We find them in you. You work one-on-one with a consultant, focused on finding answers and solutions to the particulars of your personal situation. Strategies are tailored to your needs, and enlightening information is discovered and synthesized in an engaging, intelligent way. Optima’s methods are customized, and the results and feedback you receive are designed for you and you alone.


We believe passionately that there is a path to professional satisfaction and fulfillment – to success – for everyone. Our advice and support to clients are based on the proven value of our methods, and on our experience. This faith in what we do is contagious, building confidence in clients by showing they don’t have to change who they are or how they work, they just have to find a job or work environment that complements it.